Stalking Juliet

Stalking Juliet

Stalking Juliet by Sarah Gillespie

Gillespie has written all of the album’s 11 tracks two of them in collaboration with producer and arranger Gilad Atzmon. The songs have strong melodies and in some cases seductive hooks, but this is not a light and frivolous take on the world. Gillespie gives no indication of self-pity or bitterness but many of the lyrics, as well as some of the instrumental arrangements, suggest an anger about the experiences that have inspired her to write these words. This is by no means a bad thing: the anger is leavened with humor, and produces some memorable lines: in one case, where a character is described as “rolling your eyes like a sugar high child.” Gillespie has a powerful voice which eloquently transmits this anger and disdain, and would be far less suited to passivity or self-pity. Titles such as “Big Mistake,” “How the Mighty Fall,” and “Call Me Stupid, Ungrateful, Vicious and Insatiable” the latter a co-composition with Atzmon clearly reflect their lyrical content. From Bruce Lindsay at all about jazz


“Excellent Greenwich born singer-songwriter Gillespie crafts acoustically-styled songs that shimmer with beauty while accompanying herself on finger-picked guitar. New album ‘Stalking Juliet’ mixes blues, jazz, vaudeville and gypsy swing… very much a talent to watch” –Time Out

“A leftfield singersongwriter…wry lyrics and sinuous melodies” –John Bunjey, Mojo

“Gillespie s fiery originals offer a contrasting combination of sweet folkish melodies and a lyrically witty, street-talking attitude, that transports Lou Reed and Dylan to multicultural London. –Jazzwise


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30th December 2016