Anatta by the Alex Merrit Quartet

‘A promising jazz debut of striking quality.’ John Fordham, the Guardian, *** Full Guardian Review

‘Merritt’s warm, dry, Getzian fluency is a joy, whether intertwining with Turville’s mysterious, unpredictable chordal shifts or bubbling with controlled fervour……..
….This feels like just the beginning… and what a beginning’. Adrian Pallant, AP reviews, ***** Full Review

‘It’s one of the best UK jazz recordings I’ve heard this year’. Stephen Graham, Marlbank News, **** Full Marlbank Review

‘Merritt is not only an artist to watch, but also to listen to, as one would a dawn chorus: with eyes closed and mind opened’. Tyran Grillo, All About Jazz, ****1/2 All About Jazz/ECM Review

‘Merritt’s rich but dry tone traces a line back to the Cool School jazzers such as Warne Marsh’. Robert Shore, Jazzwise, **** Full Jazzwise Review


Posted on

30th December 2016