Hi readers,

Been a while since I’ve put anything up here, but just wanted to let you know about a few gigs I’ve got coming up with my trio. We’ve got a new album coming out in mid-September, and launching at Pizza Express, Dean Street on September 27th, so keep it free! Tour dates to follow!


If you can’t wait until then, you can also see us at the amazing Hideaway in Streatham on June 14th, and for those of you around the Midlands, on the 21st in Worksop College, Notts. There will be summer dates to follow – watch this space!


Meanwhile here’s a selection of other gigs I’ll be doing in the next few months, come along and say hi if you’re in the area!

1st May: Alex Merritt Quartet, Amersham Arms, New Cross, London

2nd May: Alex Merritt Quartet, Charlie Wrights International Bar, Pitfield Street, London

4th May (1pm): Emily Saunders Trio (with Dave Whitford): Royal Festival Hall Foyer, South Bank, London

4th May (8pm): Guillermo Rozenthuler: Brazil Meu Amor. Beautiful Brazilian tunes with a wonderful band.

6th May (2pm): Harlech Road band (featuring Robbie Robson), Grand Junction Arms, Acton, West London

9th May: (venue tbc): Miles Davis Project Band with Ben Bastin (bass) and Joe Auckland (tr). Covent Garden, London

10th May: (venue tbc): Threads Orchestra, York

11th May: (venue tbc): Threads Orchestra, Bradford

14th May:(5.45) National Theatre Foyer with Jose Zalva (A. Piazzola project)

14th May: (9pm): The Oxford, Kentish Town Road with Andre Canniere group

19th May: 606 Club, Lots Road (with Gilad Atzmon)

20th May (2pm): Princess of Wales, Primrose Hill (with Gareth Lockrane)

25th May: Royal Festival Hall, Front Room with Yuriy Galkin Nonet

31st May: Watermill, Dorking with Frank Griffith Big Band

8th June: Bulls Head, Lonsdale Road, Barnes with Frank Griffith Big Band

11th June: Regent Hall, Oxford Street (details tbc)

14th June: Hideaway, Streatham High Street with John Turville Trio

15th June: Portsmouth Cathedral with Al L’Estrange Quintet

21st June: Worksop College, Notts withJohn Turville Trio

23rd June: Arlesford, Hampshire (venue tbc) with Al L’Estrange

27th June: Walthamstow Cricket Club with Robbie Robson quintet

11th July (12pm): venue tbc. London Tango Orchestra with Caroline Pearsall

14th July: Arlesford, Hamps with Al L’Estrange

16th July: Walthamstow Cricket Club: Solstice (featuring Brigitte Beraha and Jez Franks)